I'm a newbie to the Linux world, although I've been always keenly interested to get to know more about linux and open softwares.

I have a 500GB Hitachi HD that is not recognized by any OS I have, my last hope is Linux, I made 3 Live CD with versions of Backtrack 5, Ubuntu and Big Linux.

When I insert the HD and use GParted in all distributions it finds no hard drive connected.

If I go into the hardware settings I see my HD but it appears as if the capacity was 0 Kb but it has 500 Gb.

I'm trying trought gparted (doesn't list the drive) and fdisk (doesn't list the drive), in Windows I had tried replace the MBR info (error), EASEUS Partition Manager is the unique program that can list the drive, but show the error I/O.

When I plug in Sagemcom Device and format, then i put it back in my desktop just show me the samething.

If I flash a new firmware I can restore this HD? And if I make a ZeroFill?

Please help me out.