hello BT.
im pretty new to BT OS, but i was willing to try something new when i had enough of Windows 7 crappy shit all the time, began to be too easy for me.

so. now i have updated most of my things on the BT OS, and now i am willing to make my own template/theme.
i know its possible since i have seemed other Linux OS edits and stuff like that.

so i would like to ask of you where should i go in my system to find the current files for the theme, and then be able to change it?.

im using KDE R3 BT5.

note that what i am going for mostly is to change stuff like box backgrounds on my windows and the outer glow there is.
example, BT5 uses red glow for their window boxes, i would like to use Yellow ect, how to do this?.

-thanks in advance! .