Just looking for a fast answer

I read a bit and I found that the performance problem is about the "injection mode" or some other default setup in BackTrack 5r3 that I can find for this USB.

I am actually running or making test primarily in a VMware workstation 8
these are my setups


Laptop Dell i5110 i7-2670QM 8RAM 750GB Vt compatible activated
USB Intellinet Wireless (Ralink RT2571 / RT73 )


Host: Windows 7 Ultimate 64
VMware workstation 8
Guest: BT5r3 32 VMware Gnome - vt desactivated

I disabled the VMware network adapter and connected the USD wifi directly to the BT5 guest trying to find the cause of the bad performance.
I am losing between 20% or 60% of the packets in a ping test

If close all the applications that use internet and left the ping alone, the ratio is quite better, from 10% to 25% packets lost

BT5 work perfect in the bridge or NAT mode (vmware virtual adapter) and the usb works perfect in ubuntu, win7 or xp, I don't care at all wifi hacking, I just need performance and reliability so delete some of that drivers configurations or apps for wifi stuff is completely ok

Some ideas?