Hi all, I need a little help

I want to try BT5 because it seems it can handle my ALFA (1w) antenna, that is a real pain under ubuntu and I reaaly need for few days stable connection AND some network security tool (periodically....).

Problem is I'd like to use a shared home partition between Ubuntu 12.10 and BT5 (based on 12.04), is it safe?

NO problem in messing up Ubu as long as my home (and docs) are safe on their partition, but I'd really prefer to avoid reinstalling everithing right now.

Another question that to many of you will sound VERY bad.....as long as I can sometime start Gnome for easy filebrowsing and, say, gnome mplayer for occasional movie or music playng, and LibreOffice for some editing, I have no reason to use Ubu (quite the opposite...).

Any known problem in using BT as everyday OS?

Thank you