This is my idea:

Host OS -> VMware -> Backtrack BT5 32

Internet BT5 -> USB Wifi Adapter BT5 -> BT5 wifi Bridge with a VMware virtual adapter -> Host OS connected to internet from VMware virtual adaptor

So I can track all the communications IN OUT from the host OS

1) the performance of the USB wifi connected directly to the BT5 in VMware is pretty low, with a simple ping I am losing a lot of packages from 10% to 40%, this have some relation the IDLE status of the BT5 instance.
2) when I tried to create a bridge wlan0 fail, I don't now the reason (eth1 is ok)
root -> brctl addif vhub wlan0
root -> "can't add wlan0 to bridge vhub: Operation not supported"
3) after setup the bridge inside the VM BT5, how I can setup the VMware virtual adaptor to connect to internet using VM BT5 as a gateway or router

Probably it's very easy or very difficult what I am asking, I am not sure.

Do you know or have some ideas about?

I am using BT5 32 bit version more for compatibility with old processors