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Thread: Insatall BT5 over Ubuntu on dual-boot w/XP

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    Default Insatall BT5 over Ubuntu on dual-boot w/XP

    Hello - I installed the latest Ubuntu as a dual-boot with XP... I have decided that I'd rather have Backtrack... I have burned the iso... question: Can I safely install BT5 by just telling it to use the Ubuntu partition? Will it just reformat that partition, with a fresh grub? Or do I have to do things the inconvenient way by deleting the partition, using XP boot disc, running fixmbr... etc?

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    Default Re: Insatall BT5 over Ubuntu on dual-boot w/XP

    You can install BT5 over the Ubuntu partition, but it is recommended to re-create the partition. You can leave the swap partition untouched.

    You might want to use gparted (is in teh BT5 DVD you burned)..Open up a terminal and type gparted. Erase the Ubuntu partition and create a new one with ext4 filesystem. Apply changes

    Then just install the BT5r3.


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