Hi everyone!

Let me tell you from the beginning.

First I have some troubles to do a dual boot (Windows 7 + Ubuntu) on my PC, because of the UEFI.
Following some tips to solve that, I used Live GParted to make 4 partitions on my Dell Inspiron 14R:
- One for Ubuntu (100 GB)
- One for BackTrack (20 GB)
- One for Windows 7 (I need this junk just for games) (100 GB)
- One for all my data (~800 GB)

Then I disable secure boot and install sucessfully Windows 7 and Ubuntu using a pendrive.

Then, I tried to install BackTrack 5, but I have some troubles to do that.
I used 2 softwares to make USB boot disks (is that the correct name?):
- TuxBoot (I used it to create the Ubuntu USB installer successfully); and
- Universal USB Installer (for Windows)

Everytime I tried to boot with the pendrive, I got a black screen and the message: "Boot Error".

Following these steps, I tried to install BackTrack 5 R1 32 bits and BackTrack 5 R3 64 bits and got the same message "Boot Error".

I think this is weird because I follow the same steps that I used to install Ubuntu, and did not work!

Can someone help me?

Sorry for the poor english... This is not my native language

Best Regards