There is a known bug with BT5 and Intel graphic cards.
There is a simple fix possible (i'm not sure why its not applied to the general release)
I only use BT5 on a live USB and do not have it installed directly anywhere.
How might I make a ISO containing the fix, so I don't need to manually edit the grub each time I bootup?

Originally Posted by pros599
Here's a little tutorial to fix this (NOTE: Make sure your numlock or your caps lock key lights are flashing. If one/both are during the black screen, continue with the steps below.)

1. Boot in to backtrack terminal (Just turn on the computer).
2. Log in to root.
3. type in "vim /etc/default/grub" (no quotes)
4. find a line that looks similar to this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text splash vga=791"
5. Move your cursor on top of the last quote on that line and press the letter 'i' on your keyboard (this turns vim in to inserting mode)
6. Add a space between vga=791 and the quote then type in i915.modeset=1 (The new line should look like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text splash vga=791 i915.modeset=1")
7. Hit escape on your keyboard and type in ':x' (with out the quotes.. Just hit the keys) and press enter. This will close the editor.
8. In your console type in 'update-grub' (no quotes)
9. Wait
10. Restart
11. ????
12. Log in to root, and type in startx... Profit.