Hello Backtrack Community,

This is my first post, but I've been around for a while now (BT2-Final Days). Anyway, after a fresh install, I usually proceed to update everything/install anything that doesn't come with BT. Everything up until I needed to install my graphics driver (which I actually did last in this case) was great, I have full functionality. After installing my AMD driver (Mobility Radeon 5xxx HD series), I get that odd startx black screen error, which I've always fixed with noacpi on my kernel line. After the update initramfs triggered by the driver install, I no longer have wireless support (even though the kernel appears to be identical, 3.26 I believe). If I use the official installer, I don't get the update initramfs roll backs that I get if I install through aptitude or synaptic, but at this point I'm assuming that is what is happening, just quietly. Regardless of whether or not an error is present during their install, after fixing my black screen, Catalyst works great and all the functionality is there. I've been trying to give security presentations from my laptop (I need drivers to use the projector), but every time I install them, my wireless driver goes bad. Last time it happened I tried a few fixes (compat drivers, which broke the graphics with its initramfs, and switching from rt2800pci to rt2800sta and back). Wondering if anyone encountered the same issue, or has any advice?

Catalyst/fglrx drivers break my wireless drivers after initramfs update. (Mobility Radeon 5xxx HD series [5600 chipset], Ralink rt2800pci driver [rt2860 chipset])

Thanks in advance!