Hey everyone!

Here's the situation. If you don't already know, Surface Pro is UEFI only, no legacy boot. So booting the Backtrack 5R3 ISO from USB is a no go. I was able to hack out the EFI bootloader from Ubuntu 12.10 and get to a console in BT5 but with many errors along the way. To be perfectly honest, I have very little idea how EFI works just yet. But I am trying to learn since Microsoft has crammed it down our throats.

I can boot Ubuntu 12.10 just fine on my Surface so I know how to make the Surface boot something other than Win 8. Ultimately, my goal would be to dual boot BT5R3 and Win 8 making it a very productive and yet versatile field tool. I've spent about 2 weeks tinkering with this little guy. I've considered installing the BT toolkit onto Ubuntu, but then I'm missing many of the kernel optimizations that go along with the legit release. I don't want to half-heart this one.

Thus far, I have a VMWare image working wonderfully, but the point is the the low-level hardware access and seeing if the Marvell Avastar 350 can be put into rfmon making it a formidable mobile penetration testing platform.

Anyway. Anyone else with a Surface Pro or have created a live USB that is EFI friendly?