Hi everyone,

I was wondering about how Wardialing working, and noticed that BT5 R3 does have the last version in. So i updated the program, and followed the instructions which is explaining to set Asterisk in order to use IAX protocol.
I did so, and the programs seems to be working, because i can access to
But to make a simple call test, it failed.

Since i didin't configure anything in WarVOX, and i was wondering what I should do ? There's a "provider section" which is asking :
The IAX2 server name : where is it ? is it in /etc/asteriks/sip.conf ???
The IAX2 port (normally 4569) : You think this is correct ?
The username to access the provider : Is it my ISP ?
The password to access the provider
The number of available outbound lines: No idea

I already googled every information that i could find, but Warvox I guess is not really famous, and also complicate because of Asteriks...

I wish you could help.

Thank you