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Thread: Graphical Problems

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    Default Graphical Problems

    Hi everyone,

    I have an "stupid" issue in my laptop and i cant fix it.

    I install Backtrack 5 with a external monitor plugged and works fine, but when i unplugged the external monitor my laptop monitor get black.. when i startup the laptop and run backtrack i get back image too.. So i only can use Backtrack with external Monitor.

    Anyone can help me with this issue?


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    Default Re: Graphical Problems

    This thread might be the fix your looking for,
    Hope it works, let us know

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    Default Re: Graphical Problems

    Thanks m8, i'll try and report asap

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    Default Re: Graphical Problems

    Ok. I try that fix and dont work either. Now when i log Backtrack without the external Monitor my screen show a mix of colours, like a problem with graphic card.. But when i plugged the external monitor, Backtrack just work fine. I have W7 too and that's no problem with my Graphic Card (Nvidia GeForce GT 520M)

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    Hi Toxiside, sounds like we are on the right track, err at least troubleshooting. So we've gone to blank, to mix of colors if I understand correctly. May I ask for a bit more information on your system. Also, does the system load and display on your monitor with the liveCD/USB? Particularly what kind of video graphics are you running? ex: Dual graphics intel/radeon/geforce etc. Can you also let us know, what the output of this code shows:
    lspci | grep -i vga
    Hopefully this will tell us the type of card in your system. I'm thinking it maybe a simple problem like needing to blacklist something, or using an updated driver.

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    Default Re: Graphical Problems

    Please post the output of xrandr and one question: are you using Propietary drive or nouveau?...

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