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Thread: Cannot install BT5R3 from USB to HD on Asus 1001p

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    Default Cannot install BT5R3 from USB to HD on Asus 1001p


    I've been trying to install BT5R3 on my netbook Asus 1001p in a dual boot scenario with Windows 7. I haven't had much luck.

    Here's what I do:
    use unetbootini to prepare the USB SD card with the BT5R3-GNOME-32.iso.
    change the boot device to be the USB SD card.
    the flashscreen is either shown with the nice Backtrack image or the Ubuntu 10.04 screen or just text info scrolling depending on whether or not I've selected the right video mode.
    at the end, I'm at the linux prompt with some nice advice from a penguin.
    now this puts me in the Linux Mint 11 environment (huh?) with no mouse(not expected), no wireless (expected because of the Asus's wireless chipset) and no wired connection (not expected).
    I have no clue what to do next.

    I've been able to download just Ubuntu 10.04, prepared the SD card with that small 700mb iso, boot from the USB SD card and install Ubuntu 10.04 to the hard drive, boot to the harddrive's new installation and verify that the mouse and the ethernet card work (no wireless, expected). So, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Any ideas? What more info can I give ya?


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    Default Re: Cannot install BT5R3 from USB to HD on Asus 1001p

    That definitely sounds weird. Especially about seeing Mint 11. My suspension is that the card was not properly formatted beforehand. Perhaps an old linux distro was on there? Hopefully this will work.. Format the card with FAT32 file system(I made the mistake leaving it NTFS once without realizing until 2 attempted re-installs), and then try using unetbootin, making sure you choose the iso option near the bottom (not the scroll of different distros). That should be all there is too it. When it says reboot, go ahead and do that, and when it boots off the SD card, it should give you a list of Backtrack options, just choose default. This should bring you to login.. root/toor, and then startx. Should bring up the nice Red Batcktrack background like if it were a LiveCD with a single Icon to install Backtrack. (I use KDE, assuming GNOME is pretty much set up the same way) Let me know

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