I have been attempting to use Medusa and Hydra on my 2wire gateway. As i'm sure some of you know, the 2wire gateways do not have a username and password prompt. And this (i think) is where my problem lies.

My code:

medusa -h -f -u "" -P rockyou.txt -M http
The response
ACCOUNT CHECK: [http] Host: (1 of 1, 0 complete) User:  (1 of 1, 0 complete) Password: 123456 (1 of 14344391 complete)
ACCOUNT FOUND: [http] Host: User:  Password: 123456 [SUCCESS]
However, my password is listed at line 200, not 1.

I essentially get the same response with hydra (first password is the "correct" one. If I use a small word list, and remove the "-f" every entry is the correct password.)

Is there something about these programs I am not understanding? Or is it simply these programs will not work with the 2wire gateway setup.

Everything that I have seen so far regarding this topic is either from 2008, and or is a "back door" / glitch in the html coding that doesn't exist anymore.