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Thread: Back|Track 4 on the Motorola Cliq??

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    Default Back|Track 4 on the Motorola Cliq??

    I'm interested in putting BT4 on my mobile phone. Rooted Motorola Cliq. A modder over at the moto mod forums got a Debian image running on his Cliq. He also posted a how to here. Successful Debian chroot on Cliq - ModMyMoto - Software Modding Forums and Updates for Motorola Phones

    Text Below.
    I'm chrooted into a debian install right now. Everything seems fully functional at this point. USB mounting also appears to work, but under my Linux install it also mounts the ext2 partition which worries me quite a bit!
    Here's what I did, more or less:
    Rooted my phone with TheDude's rom.
    Mounted 2gb SD card under linux, created a 1.2GB fat32 partition #1, and an 800MB ext2 partition #2.
    I mounted the debian .img file from the G1 tutorial and copied all the folders over to the EXT2 partition.
    I re-mounted the /system partition read-write via this command in an ADB shell:
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system  
    I created a /system/debian folder, then I mounted the Debian partition:
    mount -t ext2 -o noatime /dev/block/vold/179:2 /system/debian  
    I chrooted into this partition with:
    chroot /system/debian  
    And I'm sitting at a bash prompt.

    Can it be as simple as using a BT4 image rather than the one he used in the guide? If not can someone tell me what needs to be done to accomplish this. I know things would probably run a lil slow. But just the thought of having BT4 on my phone is intoxicating.

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    Default Re: Back|Track 4 on the Motorola Cliq??

    So why not try it and let us know? Also try asking the same at the above quoted forum. Seems to me they would be the experts in this area.

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    Default Re: Back|Track 4 on the Motorola Cliq??

    Yeah, I'm gonna just give it a go. it doesn't replace the Android OS at all and all phone functionality is present at all times. I did ask at the forum. I figured I'd ask here as well. I've been using BT since it was Auditor. Thanks for the great work on BT4. I want to customize a smaller image for the Cliq. According to the original guide the modder followed. Any Debian based distro will work. So I assume that means BT4. I'll post my results here as well. Thanks.

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    Sounds like something interesting, since my phone is the Droid. Which already runs android os. I bet its just an adjustment of the installment/recovery img to get BT4 on it.....

    Hmmmm, very interesting. Bet it's even easier on a rooted Droid.
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    Default Re: Back|Track 4 on the Motorola Cliq??

    This won't work.

    Debian has a port and binary packages built for the ARM architecture, and unless the Dev team has been keeping it a very good secret, BackTrack does not. THe Linux build you use needs to support the architecture of the CPU that your device uses if you are using binaries and not compiling the source yourself.
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