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    Some have expressed they would like a KDE Version of Kali. So I present to you KDE Kali Linux 32Bit. I built it as described in the documentation. Please Enjoy!
    I will seed indefinitely but I ask for your help in seeding. Thank

    Edit* Just a heads up. For some reason the LiveCD of KDE is missing several components for reason I don't know why as of yet. Such as the networking manager, firefox, perhaps a few others. Other Tools are there. So I'm not sure where I went wrong if I did or I am just missing something and nothing is wrong. I'm about to do a fresh install to disk and see what happens.

    Edit2* Ok so the install to disk seems to work fine. Networking is working, though Wicd has to be installed and also you have to add to the sources list. as there is only one entry. You can use this thread .

    Also no firefox still, so will have to install that manually it seems.

    I must apologize that this ISO is not perfect, so please don't rely on it, just my attempts to follow the guide to build it to work with KDE. Though, minor inconveniences it's fairly easy to fix the broken parts. I suggest for a LiveUSB to make it persistence to apply the customizations you would like. Hopefully sometime down the line an Official KDE Kali will be released.
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