Hi all,
I've been reading up lately and to my surprise discovered in the works Kali Linux! Since there is little info to go on, and I for one love to speculate... well not really, would love to start some conversation on this upcoming release! Of course, we have been provided some interesting clues. The teaser video on the Blog page was done very nicely. With a little bit of googling, and closer look at Offensive's site, they do have an interesting quote, "...once a new version of PWB(Pentesting with Backtrack) is available, in the next 6 months." A tantalizing clue... And then of course another interesting, Wikipedia entry on BT shows a release date for BT6 code named Kali Linux for March 9th! 2013... Citation needed lol.

In all and all looks like its going to be a world of fun for the next couple of months with the Back Track Team and community.

What are ya'lls thoughts?