hi dears

i wanna get the password of the wireless that secured with WPA and WPA2
for example : we have a wireless access point and it has a password

ESSID : Sina
Password : Shahab
BSSID : 00:11:22:33:44:55

so , i create a Access point (fake) with that name ! ("sina") and my password ("Kathy")
and i want to set a fake password request for my FAP and the user type his password and I get it ! and in this method the user can't connect to Net but his password save in our PC
or my access point not have real password , but when the user want to connect to my fake access point , request from his that type a password and each password that he write , connect to Net but the password typed , save in my PC

are these methods exist ??

excuse me for my bad english!