I've been searching the forums and I couldn't find this anywhere so I figured I'd go ahead and ask. Do the drivers that come with BT (particularly b43 and rt2800usb) not have the capability to pick up 5 GHz broadcasts? My Broadcom (in my Macbook) and Tenda (USB adapter) NICs can both see 5 GHz networks when using the proprietary, out-of-the-box firmware, but seem to be limited only to 2 GHz when using b43 and rt2800usb. Am I missing something? Is there something to enable? Is this a feature that's being developed? Or am I SOL when it comes to pen-testing 5 GHz networks? Thanks for any help/feel free to yell at me if I missed something.

What I'm using:

Natively installed BT 5R3 on a Macbook MC240LL/A 5,2
Broadcom and Tenda wireless NICs
Trying to test on a Cisco AP broadcasting at 5 GHz