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Thread: mon0 in bt 4 but not bt 5r3??

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    Default mon0 in bt 4 but not bt 5r3??

    I ran a live bt 4 cd on my desktop yesterday to test the wlan card i got a mon0 an was dumping in airodump so i decided wipe the hd an instal bt5 r3 and i cant bring up the wlan now but when i go to airmon and start wlan 0 it shows the mon0 any ideas whats going on here??

    new to the bt forums so thanks for having me

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    Default Re: mon0 in bt 4 but not bt 5r3??

    Any extra info you can provide??

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    Default Re: mon0 in bt 4 but not bt 5r3??

    If I understand correctly you cant bring up wlan. But you do have mon0?
    Can you type "ifconfig" and let us know the results. Have you tried, "ifconfig wlan0 up"?

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