I am facing problem when I'm trying to install backtrack 5 on my newly created partition.

Well to elaborate. I'm using windows 7 and want to create a dual boot. I've formatted one of my partition to install backtrack 5 R3 on that partition. I'm using a USB Stick to boot. But at the install Backtrack 5 r3. But it is not getting the partitions it is only getting 465.xx GB which is my full harddisk volume and 100MB windows loader. I searched alot but couldn't find any solution to make it work.

I use windows Disk management to create that partition earlier.

That will be a great help if anyone can provide a full guide to do that (much appreciate if can be done with screenshots). I think there is some more people facing same problem. I searched all over the forums but couldn't get the problem solved(maybe there is some flaws in my search). Thank you in advance.