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Thread: file sharing with Mac on VMware

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    Default file sharing with Mac on VMware

    Hi everybody,

    I'm very new in the Linux and Backtrack world and very happy. But now I have a little problem that I can't solve.

    In my PowerBook Pro (OSX 10.8), I installed Bt5v3 with Gnome, RedHat 64 bits and the VMware fusion machine. All is ok.

    The problem is that I would like to access to my PowerBook files directly since Backtrack. That comes to three days which I try and which I search on google and I don't find anything, it do not work still there.

    In my PowerBook I activated SMB (and share the right folder), on VMware machine I activated the share and mirror folder, but in Backtrack I can't access to it by the local network. Always the same message "impossible to mount".

    What's the problem ??? I really don't understand.

    Thank you for your attention and sorry for my bad English.


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    Default Re: file sharing with Mac on VMware

    I confirm. And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

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    Default Re : file sharing with Mac on VMware

    Hi Scelaaleway and thank you very much for your answer,
    Yes, really readily to communicate on this topic. I still do not have find resolutions (but I am a beginner in linux BT and it is good way to learn... I remain positive)

    I saw that its a good way to use the appletalk with the "mod probe appletalk" (what would be very easy and the best it seems to me. No change on the Mac). And yes, they are some Appletalk files in system of BT5. But it seems that they are only for the network. And I did not find this famous module in my BTR5 VM gnome 32.. For the moment, I found nothing else in Google (other informations as a link to upload this module by example...)

    Finally, I planned to go to an Apple Store to ask them how to configure the Mac Server and the SMB Windows share. Not very well...

    So for your question, I saw too in this forum that I'm not the only one to search a resolution for this, and there is not answer. If we can communicate here, it is perhaps fine for other people, but if you prefer the pm say it to me. This would admit me very well.

    Thanks again and hope see you soon.

    Best Regards

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