Hey all,

I am currently at the end of Appendix A trying to finish up building the webApp so that I can start cruising through the book.

I have everything setup correctly (I believe, because I have checked it a couple times), but when I get to the section (numbered 10) where I
have to enter ASPNET and search, I get an error telling me that the user or group does not exist.

I am thinking maybe I am in the wrong spot or I screwed something up in saving the table.

The spot I am at is, I have expanded the security tab, then inside that I expanded the Logins tab. I right click the same login tab that expanded and selected
"new login"
Now I am in the "Login - new" window, I click the search button and in the text area labeled "Enter the object name to select" I put "ASPNET" just like the book says.
Then I click Check Names and get an error message...

No idea what I am doing wrong, hopefully someone out there could help me out.

Any help would be appreciated and If you need more information I'll try to provide it.