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Thread: How to convert BT2 to slackware 12 HDD install

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    So, if I want to merge BT3 and SW12..
    All I have to do is:

    installpkg /slackware-12.0/slackware/*/*.tgz
    and use the >> vmlinuz for BT3 not vmlinuz for SW12

    That is just to merge the 2 OS's right? All I want to do is merge all the tools from BT3 into Slackware 12 without having to install them all individually.

    EDIT: I hate kernel panic!

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    Why not install BT3 then upgrade the Slackware stuff from 12.1?

    That way you will still have all the tools from BT3 and the new-nes of Slack
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    Yep exactly what I did

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    hi, first must say how great tut you made here.

    I did the same, or i try to in a diferent process. anyway maby you can help me out in some prolems i have.

    The process i use to make this upgrade was:
    1. telinit 1
    2. upgradepkg glibc-solibs-*.tgz // pkgtool-*.tgz
    3. upgradepkg --install-new /where/slackware/is/*/*/*.tgz
    4. telinit 3
    5. reboot.

    When i finish this process i had few problems with 'bash fortune' and 'ldconfig'. I google it and now is no problem.

    But now i can't solve this 3 problems. or i cant find any solution while i search for in google.

    1. Can't su normal users if created. ( Can't execute /bin/bash : you don't have permissions)
    2. Every shortcut in kde-start-menu, from backtrack, open and auto close shell.
    3. Not all installed apps can be find at kde-start-menu. << This is not a problem, but they should be there..

    Any ideas to solve this problems?


    Note: I use this process using bt3 & upgrading to 12.2

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