Hey all,

I've got a rather strange issue going on with my Distro of Backtrack 5r3. Whenever I use a script/tool, it will work amazing the first time, (We'll use Yamas for the example) it will retrieve credentials from all the other computers on my network. However, I try to use Yamas a second time the next day, and it captures random links and fields. I go on my desktop and login to my email, bank, etc, run back to my laptop that has BTr3 running and view the capture and lo-and-behold, NOTHING.

This has happened with almost every program/script I've used. Another instance is the Metasploit website clone in conjunction with etter.dns. The same exact issue happened. I was able to clone Facebook, and with using etter.dns, all that has to happen is anyone navigates to facebook on the network and it captures their information. This worked the first time. I try to run it a second time. It clones, everything is working perfect, and then it simply captures nothing...

Why is this? I'm stumped.