Hey guys,

Ok I've had it, I've tried every guide known to man about installing nvidia drivers and I still get the stupid "no screens found" error when I try to startx. I have an Intel i5 x64, running BT5R3 64bit GNOME with a Geforce GT630M 2GB, have tried installing nvidia drivers via apt-get, have downloaded them from nvidia website a million times and tried that way but it all just leads to the "no screens found" error when I try to startx.

If I disable the nouveau driver I can install the nvidia drivers fine(otherwise I get the "nouveau driver must be disabled first" error if I don't), so the nvidia drivers install fine, then it creates the xorg.conf file itself during the nvidia install, it's after that when I try to startx I get the no screens found problem. If I then rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf I can startx straight away and its back to fine and default(other than slow scrolling and jerkiness etc!).

So that's it, I'm out of guides/how-tos and forum posts to try, so I'm in need of some CLEARLY said help. Anyone out there actually fixed this problem?