Hi everyone!

I'm trying to set up a virtual lab environment in a specific way and I am having trouble figuring it out, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

This is my intended setup:

- 1 Wireless router
- 1 Physical (host) machine running VirtualBox
- Several Virtual Machines networked to each other and the router but isolated from the physical host machine

Basically I'm looking to set up a lab with several VMs that are vulnerable by design but in my testing scenarios I'd like to use my netbook running BT to first break into the router and then go from there rooting the VMs but I do not want to have any access to the host machine so it would not be seen by anyone connected to the router. None of the machines (including the router and the host machine) will be connected to the internet.

Currently I have the router hardwired to the host machine using a USB to Ethernet adapter so I can have one of the VMs take control of this connection without the host os seeing the adapter at all, however I do have 2 physical (non-usb) nics installed on the host machine that are currently not being used.

I'm not seeing a way to create an internal network between all VMs so that each one is accessible from any other machine on the router while isolating this entire network from the host machine.

Sorry if I repeated a bunch of things I just wanna make sure that what I'm saying is clear

I know this isn't a general linux/vm/networking forum but I feel that it's related to what we do with BT and I'm sure someone else here has or has tried to set something up like this before.

Thanks for any input.