ok i have a 120GB hd usb i want to be able to boot from usb and have it be persistent i followed your how 2
(needs updating or something writing commands is very unclear) and stopped before installing nessus booted from usb didnt work said "starting (something) 1.5." then started seeing usb it said something about ubuntu 7 then "bash-like command" press help for installed preconfigured or something commands and stays in black dos screen with (initramfs) on the first line you can type after it. itried more than once to install backtrack to it. same thing happened when i used install.sh on the desktop and told it to use the whole usb. please help been driven me nuts (i erased my hard drive on accident trying todo this) thats how many times and how late i stayed up trying although i don't really care just want to make persistent changes
need help and so does ur how 2