Ok...So i have a msi U-100 I was running Ubuntu on with an encrypted hard disk. I made a live usb disk of BT 5.3 and booted it up and started the installation. When I got to the partition menu i selected use the entire hard drive for 5.3....there was an error during the partitioning process and now when i follow the steps to install over again no hard drive shows up to choose.......my live usb is /dev/sda and /dev/sda1 when i view my drives from terminal those are the only ones that appear......if i run ls /dev/sd* then I also get /dev/sdb to appear.....however i cannot mount or format this....i think this is my hard drive???? any help would be appreciated...i just want to be able to access my hard drive...wipe it clean...and do a total system install of bt3 so i dont have to keep running it from a usb..