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Thread: UNetBootIn, Backtrack and my Desktop PC

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    Default UNetBootIn, Backtrack and my Desktop PC

    I have Backtrack on a USB 2.0 pen. I know it works as I have had it work on various PCs without Wireless Cards in my College. I am running Windows 8 but don't feel this is the problem as I have ran MacPup from the USB pen in the past. I have tried BackTrack5r3 both 64 and 32bit versions with both KDE and Gnome on my own PC and I receive the same message which doesn't affect other computers.

    Marvel at the dodgy camera work ...


    and yet I'm sure I have enough memory ...


    If anyone can help I would be very grateful and apologies if this issue has already been addressed on here.

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    Default AW: UNetBootIn, Backtrack and my Desktop PC

    i had the same problem if you have a external graphics card remove it and run it again and it will work.

    i hope this will help a little

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