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I'm new here, so hello! :P

Please forgive me if I haven't posted to the right section, but I thought this would be the most suitable section for this thread.
Basically, I'd like to route all my traffic from my Backtrack R3 virtual machine over tor or i2p.

Neither of these protocols are 100% anonymous, and the US Department of State owns most of the tor exit nodes, so this isn't for anything illegal but just for educational use as I couldn't find anything up- to- date recently, nor for my operating system when googling.

I've installed a copy of the VMware Backtrack R3 Virtual Machine image, and customised Backtrack + my VMware settings to my liking.
The VMware image is being ran in the latest version of VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro 13 inch running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2, with all security updates installed.

There's an excellent article under a linux host machine for doing this at:

As you can see however, this won't work under OS X, and even if I setup a Ubuntu virtual machine as well, how should I get it to link to the host machine- let alone the BackTrack vm??

The reason why I don't just install tor browser and set up a socks proxy under the Backtrack VM is because this doesn't ensure all traffic is routed through tor. Malicious scripts/ code I may accidentally install may still be able to bypass this.

Another reason for doing this, is that I'd quite like to be able to run JavaScript, enable Flash + run Java applets over tor; all of which as you know is unsafe and not secure over tor browser, and so disabled by default.

So, the answer is to create a new network interface on the host machine that has tor running on it, connect to that as the interface in VMware for Backtrack to use for its network, and have everything routed 'anonymously'- accidentally downloaded code, background processes etc... I'll be able to browse the net as normal then, and enable JavaScript!

Just a bit of fun, but also thought this may stand as a useful up- to- date article for the future that is likely to help others looking to do the same!
Any help would be great!

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