Hello, I have very big problem with IPv6 and BackTrack R3 64 bit. I have been making virtual LAN in VirtualBox from 3 PCs. Two PCs have Windows XP SP3 with IPv6 support. Third PC is BT R3 64 bit. It has link local IPv6 address. Communication between XP PCs over IPv6 is OK. Communication between all PCs (XP and BT) over IPv4 is OK too. But now problem is communication between XP PCs and BT over IPv6. Unfortunately ping6, traceroute6 and http communication are not working between BT PC and XP PCs. I am not getting any message. Ping -6 or tracert on XP are not working too. I am getting message “Time exceeded”. I am sniffing communication between these PCs by Wireshark and I know that:

- ICMPv6 echo request from BT is sent to XP, XP is receive ICMPv6 echo request and XP send ICMPv6 echo reply to BT, but BT never receive echo reply
- Network Discovery Protocol works OK, both PCs send and receive ICMv6 NDP packets and they make their neighbour tables. This is paradox.

I have deactivated iptables on BackTrack too. Paths in source routing tables are OK. Can you help me with this problem please? Thank you for reply.