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Thread: BT4 and Ethernet Driver Marvel 88E8040 -- Help needed

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    Default BT4 and Ethernet Driver Marvel 88E8040 -- Help needed

    Hey everyone!

    I recently installed BT4 on my HP mininote and have run into a few problems.

    First of all, my wireless (yes, a broadcom, i know how to fix that) and ethernet cards are not recognized.

    My main problem is the Ethernet card. It is being recognized by lspci | grep -i net and it is a Marvel 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller.

    My first thought was to look at Marvel website and download the driver for linux. that worked okay untill the install hit a step saying modpost was not in the kernel or something along those lines, and that I was supposed to rebuild the kernel with that enabled. However, when I checked the path with the modules directory, I did find the binary and source file for modpost...

    Has anyone had the same problem as me, or does anyone know a fix / what to do? I have searched here before, but sadly I only found fixes for kernels <

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,
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