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Thread: No AP detected

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    Default No AP detected

    Seem to have an odd one, Installed BT4 fine onto usb, network started fine, wifi drivers all fine. using an asus 1002ha.

    I come to scan for network adapters, all present, then move to scanning for AP, AP scanning starts appears to be working but is unable to find any AP. Tried to enable my wifi on my own router and it doesnt show up.

    I have scanned AP before on earlier versions of BT and i know what they appear as etc so not sure how BT4 differs?

    Is there anything i can do to make AP appear or find out why no AP appear and everything else seems fine?

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    Default Re: No AP detected

    Can you post the commands you are using to "scan" for AP's? Also can you post the sequence of commands you used to bring the adapter online. Thanks!
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