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Thread: Problems with BT 5 R3

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    Angry Problems with BT 5 R3

    As the title states I recently installed BT 5 R3 to my laptop in a dual boot config and upon booting into BT I noticed several problems that I don't know how to correct because I am new to linux. The issues I am having is WICD network manager won't open, system settings always crashes even when I first boot into BT, and removable devices doesn't seem to work for detecting any usb drives even after configuring it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also should I just try a different version or revision or is BT 5 R3 the best right now?

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    Default Re: Problems with BT 5 R3

    How did you install BT5? The method, or options..Did you created a partition in advanced or just the plain old "Install next to"..Or "Use the next available space"?...

    It sounds to me like a bad installation..Did you check the md5 chcksum of download?...Did you burn the DVD at the lowest speed possible?...


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    Default Re: Problems with BT 5 R3

    why start out with BT if your new to linux?

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