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Thread: backtrack 5 r3 guide?

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    Question backtrack 5 r3 guide?

    i've started using backtrack recently and i find it pretty annoying that the -help in the programs doesn't explain much of the program that i end up googling for hours to learn how to use the program the right way not counting the hours i spend when i face a problem,
    so i googled for a full guide for all bt5 r3 programs and ended up with nothing,
    and came here for:
    1: is there such a guide that contains good explaining for all r3 programs?
    2: anyone willing to make such a guide or already started writing one?

    and on a side note:
    my laptop have Ralink technology corp 1T1R mini card wireless adapter and packet injection isn't working on it somehow,
    is it because of the driver it self? because the program says packet injection is working but i can't capture any packets from my other laptop.

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    Default Re: backtrack 5 r3 guide?

    What's wrong with having to do it the way you are?

    You're actually spending hours learning to do things properly, would you prefer to be spoon fed everything though?

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    Default Re: backtrack 5 r3 guide?

    You could also try reading the man pages for the application. They often have longer explanations of each function.

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