I premise that I'm not English, so probably there will be a lot of grammar mistakes (sorry for this!).
I don't know exactly where this thread should be (because it could be in the "Not working hardware" section too, but I'm not sure), so if this isn't the right section, please move the discussion in the right one.

Anyway. I'm having some troubles installing BT5 on my Acer ASPIRE 5750G. I want to install it directly on the hard disk (now on it I only have Windows7). So:
When i put the "live CD" in the pc and I restart it, it opens the menu where I can choose, for example, "Text mode". And up to here there aren't any problems. Then I press "Enter" and I wait that something happens, but every time it freezes loading BT.

So I can't run it because it doesn't arrive at the screen where I should type "startx".
I know that BT has problems with some Broadcom network cards and I have one of them (so probably the problem is there): Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet.
What should I do?

Thanks in advice!