hello just before i get on with the problem i what to say this is my first time i install backtrack/linux
okay so i burned the lastes backtrack ( 5 r3 gnome 64bit) and booted it of and then i watched a tutorial how to install it and the first thing was to type in startx so i did that and my first monitor gone black and the image was on the other one so i ignored that and tried to adjust screen resolution but after i clicked ( doesnt matter where ) it just went back to the normal screen where you type in commands and it said xinit: connection to x server lost
i dont know how to import a bug file so if you need it pls tell me ( btw i'm on my laptop) i read somewhere it was cause of grapichs? but idk so theres my specs:
i5 2500k
and asus hd 7870 dc2 v2