I burned BT5r1 to a DVD and did a md5 checksum. When I put R1 in my computer, it boots without a problem. I get to the CLI, startx and GNOME loads without any issues. The problem starts when I go into the software menu and load the backtrack utilities. The full list is available to me, but when I select certain programs, they don't run. After some poking around in /pentest I found that many of the utilities listed in the programs menu were not actually on the disc. Furthermore when I attempted to install Backtrack onto my HDD, it failed. When I tried it again, it failed at the same spot.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling that it's something stupid that I'm doing or not doing that is causing this. I am pretty comfortable moving around in the command line, but I don't have much experience with much in depth stuff.