Backtrack: 5v3 64 bit KME .iso image, hash checked.
PC: MSI laptop, Intel i7 with 12 Gb ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M graphics card
Issue: Backtrack not booting correctly from DVD

I've tinkered with Backtrack, and I'm really wanting to get more experience with it. I've set up a small lab in my room to start exploring it's uses. I'm still fairly new to the whole Linux thing, having a little experience with Ubuntu. But I digress...

So, my profession is network admin. I am a CCNA, CCNA-S, CCNP, and CEH. I'm working toward network security and pen testing. Hence, my need for Backtrack Experience.

I've used Backtrack 4 before, with no issues. I've had it set up as dual-boot, and as a bootable USB. This was on my ASUS PC. I d/led BT5v3 and am trying to run on my new laptop.

I d/led BT5v3, and mounted it's .iso image to a DVD. I've tried to boot my PC from that DVD. The program begins to load. I can get the screen which gives you the 6 or so load options (no networking, mounting the first harddrive, etc). I just select the default. The command prompt window opens, and it begins to implement multiple commands. But then my screen gets garbled and I cant see anything except the top and bottom portions of the screen. You can see the nice reddish "smoke" and the Backtrack graphics top and bottom, but the middle is all garbled. It's acting like a driver issue, and it's somewhat frustrating.

I've looked at some of the forum threads, and most seem to apply to after BT loads, and you enter Startx. I dont even make it that far. I get the "root:" prompt, and hit enter. Then as described above.

I've ensured I'm running latest video driver for my NVidia card. Any help would be appreciated.