Hello there,

I'm building a cantenna with my linksys WUSB54GC to get better signal strength. I install my cantenna 3 metres high on my home roof and I use 10 metres USB UTP extension cable that I make myself. I joined both end of the UTP with one male & female USB extension cable.

Backtrack 3 can detect & configure my wireless USB only if I plug the USB UTP ext cable using another usb 1.0/1.1 extension cable connected to my computer USB port. Backtrack refuses to detect & configure the wireless USB if I use the USB UTP ext cable with USB 2.0 ext cable!.

That's OK as long as I can get my wireless USB detected & configurable. But I get a problem when I want to capture packet using airodump. I get no output from airodump window. It only shows battery life, date & time followed by these headers: BSSID, PWR, Beacons, #Data, CH, MB, ENC, ESSID.

I tried to use USB ext cable (2.0) that directly connected to the wireless USB without using the USB UTP ext cable and it works. Airodump gives the output as I expect. Still without using USB UTP ext cable, I also tried to mix using USB ext cable 2.0 & 1.0/1.1 and airodump also work.

Please help me to get the this possible using my own USB UTP ext cable