Hi all,

I would like to ask some help with regards my issue. I am using a Live CD of BT2 using a wireless USB levelone with rt73 chipset. Below are the commands that I used.

1. airodump-ng --channel 6 --write out --ivs --abg rausb0
2. aireplay-ng -2 -b APmac -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff -m 68 -n 68 -p 0841 -h MyMac rausb0
Note: I used macchanger to change the mac address of my wireless to one of the client of the AP. Is this correct or I need to use my own mac?

Once I used the command no 2. I will prompt if I want to use this packet, then I answer yes and the packet started to accumulate.

After 15 minutes of waiting, I run the command below:

aircrack-ng -f 2 -a 1 -b APmac -n 64 out-01.ivs

Now I have around 300+ IVS and the aircrack started to check for the key. I've been waited for 30 minutes and the IVS is around 800+ and no keys found yet. Is this normal?

My additional questions below:

1. If the AP is configured to check for the mac address of client, it is possible to get the WEP key?
2. Do I need to change my mac address to one of the client mac address?
3. Is there something wrong with my commands why im getting a very low IVS?
4. How many IVS need before you get the WEP keys?

thanks alot