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Thread: Dual boot XP/BT2 lilo configuration problem

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    Default Dual boot XP/BT2 lilo configuration problem

    (Enter the linux newbie)

    I'm currently running XP pro on my HP dv6450us laptop, created a ext2 partition for bt2 and a linux swap with a Gparted live cd. I decided to resize my windows partition because I really didn't want to go though with doing a fresh install (I know, I probably should have.)

    The HD install of bt2 goes though fine on the live cd, but when I attempt to boot via lilo, all I get is a black screen and a blinking caps lock led... (some sort of panic? I'm not sure) *note* I need to use the command "bt acpi=off" when booting the livecd or I get a blackscreen. is it possible that I need to do something with lilo to make it boot properly?

    Hopefully, once I get BT2 working just fine, I will install Ubuntu and GRUB, but I probably need to get Lilo working first before I attempt that (I'm working under the assumption that using the Chainloader command in GRUB will require that lilo is working properly... once again, linux newbie, sorry!)

    thanks for any help that you can provide!

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    Follow the dualboot video and transcript on the wiki and you will be fine.
    You will have to add append acpi=off to the lilo.conf above the read-only line of the linux section.

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    Here's how to fix a dodgy lilo MBR from a liveCD.

    Boot from your live CD and login. Then open a shell and type:

    mkdir /mnt/root
    mount -t ext3 /dev/{your hdd EG: sda4} /mnt/root
    mount -t proc none /mnt/root/proc
    mount -o bind /dev /mnt/root/dev
    chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash
    Now open lilo.conf:
    nano /etc/lilo.conf
    And cut and paste this

    #Windows bootable partition config begins
     other = /dev/sda1
     label = Windows
     table = /dev/sda
     #Windows bootable partition confing ends
     #Linux bootable partition config begins
     image = /boot/vmlinuz
     root = current
     label = BT2
     append = "acpi=off"
     read - write
     #Linux bootable partition config ends
    Edit the following:

    other = /dev/Your windows partition
    table = /dev/sda / hda depends on your hardware.
    append = "acpi=off" If you don't need acpi to be off delete this line

    When you all done save and close nano with ctrl+o and ctrl+x and type:

     lilo -v
    And then

    init 6
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks both of you, I've been fiddling with this for days and I just got it to work properly.
    Thanks alot!
    ... now if I can get this to boot ubuntu also... maybe with grub, but if I got it working with lilo, that would be great.

    PS: I just booted BT2 and I noticed that the fancy screen on login is gone... I remember seeing a fix for this so I'll look that up real quick (when it begins to bother me :P)

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