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Thread: ettercap + mode monitor

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    Thumbs up ettercap + mode monitor

    link (in french) (more details and pics)

    translate systran go to:

    in a shell:


    airmon-ng start wlan0

    (wlan0 my card)

    airodump-ng -w w -c 10 wlan0

    (-c channel)
    (-w w write ine home w "txt and cap name")

    modprobe tun

    airtun-ng -a 00:11:22:33:44:55 -w 75:67:98:45:65 wlan0

    (-a bssid)
    (-w wep key) or without for open: airtun-ng -a 00:... wlan0

    ifconfig at0 up

    now run ettercap in graphic

    sniff with at0 (unified and remote connection)

    now you can run dns_spoof plugins, driftnet...

    it's verry easy and semi passif

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    thank you for this tutorial =]
    i'll be testing it out as soon as i get home later..
    patience is appreciated =]

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    The thread title is perhaps a little bit misleading as ettercap will not run in monitor mode. In this case a tun interface simply replaces the otherwise normal connection and you sniff the traffic generated by clients that connects to this fake AP. Personally I have never managed to successfully sniff an airtun-ng interface with ettercap, even when bridging two interfaces together, but guess I will have to take another look and figure out what I was doing wrong. Thank you for the link.
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