Problem : I already had Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Windows 7 on my HD, then I installed Backtrack on another partition. Now after installation when I reboot, the boot menu entry of Ubuntu 12.04 is gone. I only see entries for BT and Win 7. Ubuntu 12.04 is still there, as I can see it's file system intact.

Things I tried : 1. Manually editing grub. But it seems /vmlinuz.img and /initrd.img are broken links. Manual editing grub files was a pain and didn't work

2. Used boot-repair to try to repair grub. Thought it worked but it's the same result at the end. I see BT and win 7 but not ubuntu 12.04 entry.

Here is the boot-repair results file :

Please Please take a look and let me know what is missing, is the kernel image gone or what do i need to repair?