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Thread: Wireless Networking Problem w/ Aspire X3950 detailed

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    Lightbulb Wireless Networking Problem w/ Aspire X3950 detailed

    Hi Everyone, so i recently installed BT5R1 KDE 64 using Windows 7 64 bit (Dual boot). After installed, i noticed that i could not pick up on my wireless signal in the network program. To my knowledge, there is some sort of compatibility issue and maybe a missing driver or update.

    Here is my specs: Aspire X3950
    Intel Core I3 550 3.2Ghz
    RAM 6GB
    NVIDIA GeForce 315
    Netgear WNDA 3100, USB Adapter
    1TB Hardrive
    To add to that, i have been doing some research for the last few hours fix this problem. Including FAQ on homepage using command /etc/init.d/networking/start(No response). Secondly, the command "airmong-ng" and this command borders displayed , but with no information underneath.

    Is it possible i may have to d/l/reinstall?, possibly R3? im not sure the major differences

    Please, if there is more information needed, or something more i can add onto let me know! Thanks for any support guys


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    Default Re: Wireless Networking Problem w/ Aspire X3950 detailed

    There's a thread called "How to make a valid Thread" ... I would recommend you read it and come back with details.
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