Hi guys,

I gotta quick question about VMware re: getting a internet connection using a long distance network on BT4 on VMware.

My Details:
My usb wifi : Alfa AWUS036H
Im using VMware workstation 7 with BT4 VM ware image.
My machine is a Dell 6100 laptop with internal Dell wireless 1370 mini pci card.

Ive read quite a few threads re: getting internet connection through VMware.
Im able to connect to internet via my local modem by selecting 'bridged connection' on the VM settings for BT4 virtual machine...

After starting (start x) I use the following commands

ifconfig eth0 up
dhclient eth0
ping www.Google etc..

My Situation is:

Im trying to connect to a WEP connection that only my 'Alfa AWUS036H' picks up, and not my internal wireless card (1370 mini pci card)..so Im assuming I have to change the bridge settings or config. file?? Any suggestions?