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Thread: Boot issue for Backtrack 4 via USB on Macbook

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    Default Boot issue for Backtrack 4 via USB on Macbook

    Hey there Linux community!

    I hate having to admit it, but a Mac + Windows pro like me is having some small issues with Linux.

    Here's my computer Configuration:

    Macbook 4,1
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    4 GB RAM
    Airport Extreme (N-compatible) + Ethernet enabled
    Bluetooth 2.1 Ready

    Personal Tweaks:
    Bootcamp partitioned for OS' : Mac OSX 10.6.x and Windows 7 Pro
    rEFIt 0.13 loaded for easy OS switching (also allows you to view and boot Linux OS')

    Linux tools of the trade:
    Backtrack 4 Final Live DVD and loaded onto an 8GB USB Drive (as done by the backtrack-linux video tutorial)

    So here's the thing. I'm not entirely new to Linux. I've had XUbuntu 9 loaded onto my HD to have a Triple-boot HD (Mac OSX 10.5, Xubunut 9, Windows XP 32-bit), and with rEFIt, I was able to freely switch between them all. Since then I've restored my HD to just the normal Bootcamp setup for Mac OSX and Windows. Now I'm trying to boot to a USB stick with a properly loaded BT4 final ISO; I can use this on other PC-native laptop/desktop (tested on a Lenovo and Dell). However, I cannot boot it on the Mac for some reason. When the Macbook powers up to rEFIt, it has three options:
    Mac OSX on HD
    Windows on Partition 3
    Linux/Legacy OS from HD

    Mac and Windows works fine, but the Linux boots to Windows 7 (and if you know about Bootcamp, there is no Windows BIOS, so I cannot change the boot order or target). Also, if I leave in the Live CD and eject it before rEFIt loads, the USB partition with BT4 (labeled BT4 as told by the video tut) will appear along with the generic "Linux/Legacy OS from HD", but it too loads Windows 7.

    The Live CD/DVD works just fine on the Mac; no errors, no disputes. It's just the USB.

    Any suggestions?

    By the way, the computers I used were running Windows Vista 32/64 bit. I do not have access to other Windows 7 laptops because I live on-campus and, well, we're all poor college students...

    Thanks in advance for your time, answers, frustration, headaches, and "Mac Sucks" comments
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